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‘Editor’s Pick’ & Top 10 Summer Reads: New Haven Magazine


Think Global, Read Local

By Rachel Bergman and
Claudia Ward deLeon


The Dog Healers by Mark Winik

 book-onlyBranford author Mark Winik’s new self-published book The Dog Healers is available at select locations and on Amazon.
Good self-published books can be a bit hard to find, but provide a treasure trove of often overlooked but great reading material.
This fast-paced  adventure story tells of an American traveler learning about dog culture in Argentina, healing arts from Tibet, and the seedy underbelly of the South American horse racing community while visiting his inlaws in Buenos Aires.
Set in a few hotspots throughout South America, the book makes for a great vacation read if you can’t afford a vacation this year.
As the American traveler gets deeper and deeper into the tales of a kindly dog walker and trainer he meets on the street, he learns about his wife’s culture, an ancient art rooted in the love of animals and a romance that unexpectedly unfolds in the middle of it all.